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  • Q:杰杰熊课程如何收费

    Q:How much does JJX course charge?


    A:JJX has a sub-card, a half-year card for different courses.You can choose according to your own needs, and JJX has developed special preferential policies according to different campuses, please contact the corresponding school district manager for the latest campus discount information.

  • Q:年龄限制会影响学街舞吗?

    Q:Does the age limit affect the learning of hip-hop dance?


    A:Street dance is not just a skill. It can also help you shape your body and improve your mindset. Suitable for all age groups to learn.


    Q:What is the age of a child to learn Street dance?


    A:It is recommended to learn street dance from the age of 4. The imitation and cognitive abilities of children after 4 years of age are at a rapid improvement stage.


    Q:I don\'t know if I\'m fit to learn street dance. Can I take a free lesson and feel it?


    A:Of course, you can reserve a trial class at any time, contact the relevant customer service for details.


    Q:How long is a class?


    A:There is 40 minutes a coures, each lecture 2 with 10 minutes rest.


    Q:Do we have a chance to perform or compete on stage to learn street dance at JJX?


    A:Of course, JJX hosts a number of hip-hop events every year, and we hosts many performances, for example New year\'s Gala shows. JJX can provide you with all kinds of stages.

  • Q:杰杰熊校区有淋浴吗?

    Q:Do you have shower room?



    A:In order to ensure the quick and easy flow inside, and avoid the congestion, there is no shower facilities in the JJX studio


    Q:Do you have a WIFI?



    A:Every JJX studio has a WIFI,please ask the server for passkey.


    Q:Do you have a changing room?



    A:Yes we do. Every global JJX studio is equipped with changing rooms. And please use it with courtesy, keep bad romance away


    Q:Do you have a toilet?



    A:There are toilets in every global JJX. For the customers going to stores located in of CBD buildings, please use the communal toilets in the building



    Q:Do you have a power bank?



    A:Of course,there are power banks in every JJX,you can rent by scanning at the campus.


    Q:What kind of workout accessories should I prepare before going to class?



    A:It is recommended to prepare professional sportswear and sports shoes before class. If you have long hair, please tie your hair up. It is recommended that you bring your own towels, change of clothes, drinking water, locks, etc. It is not recommended to bring valuables to class.

  • Q:杰杰熊有什么周边产品吗?在哪里可以买到?

    Q:Are there any JJX merchandise?How can I buy them?


    A:由杰杰熊自主设计的潮牌服饰在部分校区有售,欢迎到校区专柜挑选,在杰杰熊官方淘宝店:JJX潮牌馆同样有售,此外还有Popping大师Hozin 的KEEP潮牌T恤限时售卖,小伙伴们不要错过哦

    A:JJX has independently designed and developed our own Hip-hop merchandise,you can buy them at partial campuses,and you can buy them at JJX TaoBao.You can also get the KEEP T-shirt at JJX  Taobao.


    Q:What is the size of JJX apparel?



    A:In order to meet the needs of more customers, JJX clothing class products use custom sizes, you can click on the dress size details to see the reference range, select the appropriate size


    Q:Can I return the good if l do not like it?



    A:The JJX Merchandise abide the national \"Three Guarantees\" provision. As long as the good you return is intact and in perfect condition for sale, you can return it within 7 days without any reason (underwear, food and other special categories are excluded).Please note: in case of product quality problems, you can return it at any time within three months. after the purchase,

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